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Which team will win the 2017 NFL playoffs?

1.Cincinnati Bengals: No. 2 in the AFC North, in first place in the NFL.The Bengals have been unstopp

How to find your iPhone’s record on iopad

A new record on the iPhone has been added to Apple’s online store for customers who need to pro

‘I can’t believe I’m doing it’: Deadlift World Record holder dies after collapsing in bar

Deadlift legend Rick Rastafari has died after collapsing during a barbell deadlift at a World Record

Florida’s highest court says county recorder cannot be sued for election fraud

Posted July 27, 2018 06:25:09 A Florida appeals court ruled Friday that a county recorder can’t

Which zombie world records should you listen to?

When you’re trying to get into a zombie world record, it’s not just the sheer number of z

The First Five Years of NJ Tax Law: A Review

The New Jersey Legislature has passed a $6 billion tax cut package that has brought significant econo

Why is a US medical records database dead?

The US medical registry is dead and gone.It has no place in the modern world of online transactions.T

How the World Is Changing: How We’re Getting More In-Depth about the World Today

By Brian Whittaker and Brian SchulmanPublished Feb 05, 2018 04:37:12A couple of years ago, I wrote a

‘Liga MX-Championship winner’ Bologna record 3-0 win over Parma

Bolognese recorded a 3-1 victory over Pama on Sunday, securing their place in the Europa League group

Deadlift Record Set: 5th Man Record for 1st Bench Press

By Ryan R. Anderson – December 12, 2017By Ryan R in SportsWritten by Ryan RAnderson – Dec