The Poco: Poco Recordings, Giants and The Record Company

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The Pico is a new record label from the folks at Poco Records, a subsidiary of the venerable Poco Group.

Founded in 2013, the Pico was formed as a way to produce and release new music without compromising the integrity of the label’s original catalog.

The Piscos goal was to provide a new voice for the Poco label, which had been largely focused on the live-music scene.

The name “Poco” was chosen by Poco founder and CEO David Pincus in homage to the band Poco, which was founded by the brothers David and Ron Pincuses in 1979.

Poco was founded with the idea that Poco would help bring fresh new ideas to the music world.

The first two Poco albums were released through Poco labels and imprints.

After releasing two more Poco records, David and his team found themselves on the outside looking in, as they had no relationship with the label or label employees.

It took a while for the two to establish their own label, but eventually the Pisco team found a way around the label restrictions by forming their own record label.

The label name was changed to Poco and Poco is now the only Poco imprint that is not part of the Pinco family.

Pico has been releasing a new Poco album each week for the past two years, with new releases coming out every other week.

This week’s Poco release, the second installment of “The Poco,” is called “The First Poco Album.”

Poco’s latest release, “Giant,” is a collaboration between David and the band, with producer Paul K. “Pico” Villela helping with mixing.

Pocos first album, The Poca, debuted at #1 on Billboard’s 200 highest-charting albums chart.

It sold over 2 million copies in its first week on the chart.

Poco was followed by “Pococo”, a follow-up to “The One” and “The Giant”.

Poco signed with Columbia Records in 2013.


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