World Record: Man, 70, sets world record at marathon, runs 4 hours and 48 minutes

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Man, 71, has broken his own world record, beating the previous world record of 4 hours, 49 minutes, by nearly 40 minutes at the World Marathon Majors Marathon World Championship in Boston.

In a race that had been scheduled to end Sunday with the winner going home, the man who was running the race said he felt like he was getting ready to finish and was able to push through the final stretch of the race to win.

The man, who asked not to be named, ran the race in 4 hours 45 minutes, the fastest time in a marathon at the marathon and a record since the 1976 Boston Marathon.

He had already run the record in the marathon at age 50.

He is the oldest runner to set the previous record, set by another man, an 80-year-old runner named Mark Kranz, who ran the marathon in 4:52:55 in 1972.

The record was broken by a man in his 70s.

The World Marathon Championships in Boston started Sunday in the same stadium as the marathon, and the men’s field included four women and two men.

The men were expected to be able to go home on Sunday.

Kranz’s marathon victory was his third at the world record.

He also set a record at the 1976 race.

The 1976 record of 3:03:58 was set by a woman, who was also an American.

In 1976, the Boston Marathon was the world’s first marathon with no medal-winning men.

In the final leg of the marathon on Saturday, which ran from the Westfield Boston Convention Center to the finish line in Cambridge, Massachusetts, runners were encouraged to run at a slow pace in a bid to avoid a late finish.

Kranzanz ran in 4 minutes, 15 seconds, the time the American record was set.