How to play RTE’s ‘Stories from Ireland’ episode – RTE 1.00 – 01/07/16

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Here’s an Irish story from today.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard of it in the past.

I’ve read about it in magazines, in books, and it’s certainly something that people do in Ireland.

It’s a long story.

We’re all in our 40s, and we are all going through it together.

We are all in this, but there’s a part of us that’s still in the womb, and a part that is still in our early twenties.

And then there’s another part that’s not.

We have to do what we have to, because what we’re talking about is not a fairy tale.

The thing is that it is the beginning of a very long story, and I want you to read the story, I want to listen to the story.

The story is not about some fairy tale that is supposed to be so beautiful, but a story about the journey of love.

I want everyone to listen, and understand, and experience, and enjoy it for what it is.

The show is called “Stories From Ireland”, and I’m telling you this to say, you have to listen.

If you want to be able to go back in time and experience this story, you need to be in the same place.

You need to go through it as the audience.

And you need some kind of perspective on this story.

I am not going to tell you what the plot of the show is, because that would spoil the whole thing for you, but I do want to tell your story.

It’s a story that is very complex.

It is not just a story of love, but of life, of love and friendship, of marriage and children.

It goes on for three and a half hours, but it starts when the narrator says:”When the moon shone through the windows of my house in Drogheda.

The sun was shining over the river, and the sky was red and the stars were glittering.”

The narrator says that there was no moon, no stars.

And he says that in the sky there were three stars.

He says, “I was in a dream, and there was a man who sat on the hill on the far side of the village, he was watching the moon.”

And the man said, “There is the sun, but no one is watching the sun.

There is the moon, but the moon is not there.”

The man said “Then there is the earth.”

And he said “But the moon does not exist.

And I am not a man.”

He goes on and on, saying, “But I am the sun.”

And he goes on saying “I am the moon.

But I am no man.”

And so he said, I am.

And the narrator goes on:I know it sounds like the whole of the story is just the narrator telling it, but this is the thing that I love about this show.

The listener has to listen and understand.

I think that the listener needs to know what is going on.

The show is not really a story, it’s a series of stories.

It begins with a story told by the narrator, and then the listener goes through all of the stories that have been told so far.

And there’s this part where the narrator is saying, I have heard these stories before.

I know this man who is watching.

And it’s not a story I want him to hear, and he’s not going on about that.

And so the listener does not get to know this person.

And that’s why I wanted to tell this story first.

I wanted the listener to know that this is not what this man is talking about.

He’s talking about the moon and the sun and the moonlight.

And if you want that, I don’t know what you want.

And the story goes on to show the man watching the stars, and you can see that he is sitting on the top of the hill, and in the evening he goes to sleep.

And as he is going to sleep, there is this man on the ground who is standing there and you don’t hear him, you don:”And I am sitting on a hill watching the earth.

The moon is shining over it, the stars are glittering, and everyone is watching it.”

And the narrator said “It’s the sun that is watching you, it is no one watching the star.”

And there was another man sitting on this hill who was watching him.

And this man said to him, “When the sun shone through your window, I saw you sitting on your bed watching the world.

But now, I’m here.

And watching you is the man who watches you.”

And this man told the narrator that he was sitting on that hill watching you.

And again, he says, I was watching you before you were sitting here, but now I am watching you again, because you are