Maricopa County records show cash money investigation by the sheriff’s office

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The Maricopas records released Tuesday show that an investigation into money from cash payments from a Maricot company was triggered by a complaint from the sheriff.

A report by the Sheriff’s Office and the county recorder on Dec. 13, 2017 says that the sheriff received complaints from an attorney for the Maricotte company, which is based in New Jersey.

In the report, the sheriff said that he found that the Maracots payment to the company “is not in compliance with the law and the sheriff is recommending that the company cease any transactions with the Maraicots.”

The Sheriff’s office and the recorder did not immediately return calls for comment.

The Sheriff has repeatedly stated that he is not trying to cover up the investigation.

He said the investigation was conducted as part of a broader investigation into the county’s business practices.

In a statement, Maricots spokeswoman Heather Breslin said the company has “never received any cash payment from the Sheriff or his deputies” and that “all payments made to the Marisot Company have been accounted for.”