How to find a public record on the A.A.A.: the Israel Defense Forces

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The Israel Defense Force (IDF) is looking for a public records request for documents related to its use of “combat-grade” anti-tank weapons in Gaza.

According to a recent news release, “A.R.E.F. (Israeli Army for Civil Defense) officers have been conducting operations on the Gaza Strip for more than two years, in accordance with its legal mandate.

The documents are being sought to understand what weapons the IDF used and whether they are used by the IDF or by the Palestinian civilian population.”

The request was sent to the Israel Ministry of Defense and the IDF Spokesperson’s Office.

A spokesperson for the IDF said that the agency would provide a response within two weeks.

The request comes as Israel continues to face criticism for its failure to provide adequate humanitarian aid to Gaza residents in the war that has claimed the lives of more than 1,100 Palestinians.

According the latest UN estimate, more than 4,500 Palestinians have died during the war, which began in November 2015.

Since the start of the war on June 6, the IDF has carried out approximately 4,300 air strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza, according to the latest figures from the United Nations.