How did Johnny Pacquiao’s record-breaking win in the Philippines go so wrong?

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Hidalgo County records show the $2.9 million record-setting victory in the presidential election by the Filipino boxer’s father, Manny Pacquia, on Sunday was made possible by a loophole in state election law.

Najib Razak, an assistant secretary of state for elections and elections administration, said it’s the first time an election has been held using a record-holding party’s primary vote.

The loophole allows a party that won the election to pay for the costs of its nomination process.

It’s not a big deal for the state, said Razak.

It’s a big issue for the United States, because we don’t have a lot of other systems where people have to spend a lot to be nominated, he said.

We’ve got an election where people can be nominated by themselves, which makes it very hard to catch mistakes.

The system works like this: The nominee can only receive a primary vote if he or she received a majority of all the ballots cast in the state.

The person who gets the nomination, typically a political party, must then spend more than half of the total primary votes cast on the candidate who received the majority of those votes.

There are some exceptions.

For example, if a candidate received more than 50 per cent of the primary votes, then they are eligible to run in a general election.

When the state legislature passed a law that allows candidates to receive primary votes for their party, the loophole was not applied.

In 2016, a candidate in New Jersey, for example, received just under half the votes cast in his or her primary.

To ensure the election is not rigged, the state has taken steps to ensure that candidates can’t use the loophole.

Since 2016, the NJ Department of Labor has sent out notices to candidates who were ineligible to receive their party’s nomination.

The notice stated that they could receive primary ballots if they had a majority in the primary but less than a majority overall in the general election, which the law requires candidates to do.

The law also states that the NJ Division of Elections will be issuing audit reports on all state election campaigns to make sure candidates who are eligible for nomination are receiving primary votes.

In his statement on Sunday, Manny told ABC News that the state of New Jersey and the United Kingdom are still investigating whether there is a similar loophole in their laws.