When a police officer is shot, there’s a long waiting list for a medical exam, researchers say

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nd Public records, caledonian public records and other public records are among the public records that may be used in lawsuits over police shootings.

A federal appeals court in New Orleans last week rejected a lawsuit filed by a black man seeking a lawsuit over the shooting death of a black New Orleans police officer by a white officer.

The judge said the case was not moot because the case had already gone to trial and the court had decided that the plaintiffs had met their burden of proving the officer’s death was the result of the use of deadly force.

In a unanimous opinion, the judges noted that there is a long backlog of lawsuits over the deaths of black people by police.

“In the vast majority of such lawsuits, there are not any such claims by black defendants,” the court said.

The ruling comes amid growing public outcry over the treatment of black Americans by police, with police shooting and killing black men at rates that have reached epidemic proportions.

A recent report by the Justice Department found that in the first quarter of this year, there were more than 1,400 such lawsuits filed by black Americans seeking damages from police departments.

“It is troubling that the U.S. has not resolved this longstanding racial inequity,” said Eric Klinenberg, president of the American Civil Liberties Union.

“But it is equally troubling that these cases are still being brought by black victims and that many of them fail to meet the threshold of proof required for the use-of-force claim to proceed.”

The cases also have generated significant publicity.

In August, two black men were charged with attempted murder after police officers shot and killed their friend.

The two were arrested and charged with second-degree murder, which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The police department was charged with excessive force, but the case has been dropped, the Associated Press reported.

In the most recent case, an unarmed black man was shot and wounded in the chest by an officer who was responding to a call about a burglary.

The incident happened after the suspect reportedly pointed a gun at a white police officer, prompting the officer to fire at least six shots, striking the man multiple times, including once in the left arm, a federal judge ruled.

In February, an attorney for a black former police officer in Tennessee said that a judge had ruled that he was not justified in killing a man who attacked him with a knife.