What’s in a name? The history of the name ‘MacroRecorder’

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From the moment Macros were first recorded in the 1920s, the sport of squash was based on the idea of creating a recording device that could help players make their own matches.

The original idea for the MacroRecorders came from the legendary British squash player James ‘Mac’ Mackay in 1927, who had the idea that the name of his game should be “recording the game”. 

However, the original name of the sport had been “sport” for more than a century before that, as was the name for the recorder of the game itself. 

The original name for this device, however, was a little different.

It was called a “record”, and was a reference to the fact that it was a way of recording the game from the very start.

In the early days of squash, it was also a way to record the position of players on the court. 

This new name was the result of a collaboration between the Royal Athletic Club and the American company “MicroRecorder” in 1919. 

MicroRecorders were originally designed to record matches between teams in the traditional manner. 

In the 1930s, however the company began to produce records that would be used to record other sports.

These records would be labelled “Macrorecorders”, and would be able to record games in a much more modern way. 

A few years later, MicroRecorders had also begun producing their own records for other sports such as basketball, football, and rugby. 

However the name “Macros” was chosen for the new sport, and in 1936, the “Macroscopes” were introduced. 

When “Macron” was added to the end of the first name, it became possible for people to write in the number “Mac”, and the name was changed to “Macrocorders”. 

The name was chosen to make the sport feel more modern.

It became the name given to the device and was not used by other sports that had used the name Macros.

The name “Recorder”, on the other hand, was used by the professional squash players, who were very proud of the innovation. 

During the 20th century, the Macros became known as the “Recorders of the Game”, and it is only because of this that people still remember the original invention. 

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