How to stop your own ‘fake news’

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Football Italian on January 12, 2019 18:22:43When the Italian football authorities banned the English-language edition of Football Itali, the sport’s main English-speaking outlet, it was only a matter of time before a similar situation would happen in the national game.

The ban was in response to a tweet posted by Italy Football’s president Giancarlo Abete, which called for a boycott of England’s Premier League, citing the “fake news” of “an English football player”.

Abete has since apologised for his remarks, but has faced criticism from supporters of other teams, including Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool, for failing to ban the English version of Football Thereal.

As the English Premier League continues to grow, with more and more players signing for new clubs, the English football authorities have come under increasing pressure to do more to combat the spread of fake news.

The FA has taken several steps to combat fake news in the English game, including: banning the use of Twitter and Facebook to promote or spread misinformation, requiring sponsors to put their names to articles or videos that promote the product, and removing players from the field who post false information.

But Abete’s comments could prove problematic for the FA, given the sport has seen a rapid rise in popularity.

“It is a very dangerous time for the sport in Italy, when a country is divided and the national team is not competitive in the international competition,” said Alessandro Di Stefano, a sports journalist at La Repubblica newspaper.

“The English Premier league is a perfect example.

It is a big-time game, but it’s so popular that it’s impossible for anyone to keep up with the competition.”

The English version has more than 6 million followers on Twitter, and is the second most-followed sport on the platform after football, behind the US professional sports league.

The Italian version, meanwhile, has around 1.2 million followers, and accounts for a third of all football fans worldwide.

In a country where football has always been a major sport, it’s unclear how much influence Abete will have in bringing about an immediate end to fake news, but a ban on the English team could be an important first step.

“For me, a ban of English players is not a problem.

It’s an idea that can be easily implemented,” Di Stefane said.

“In Italy, the FA is a small organization with only three million members, and I think it will be possible to work with them.”

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