Which Georgia law requires you to pay for abortion?

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Gervontae Davis has been arrested three times and convicted of felony murder.

Now, she faces a felony charge of making false statements in connection with her arrest in 2014.

Davis was released from jail in November after spending more than seven years in prison for the 2014 killing of Georgia’s then-13-year-old cousin, Terrence Davis, who died after a botched abortion procedure at the family’s home in Georgia’s northeast.

Davis was sentenced to 25 years in jail, plus four years of supervised release.

The judge who sentenced Davis to the 25 years, Charles Hurd, said in court that Davis’s actions “did not reflect who she is or the person she was in the days before this court” during the investigation.

Davis also said she didn’t know she was pregnant when she was arrested.

Hurd ordered Davis to serve at least three years in state prison, plus the maximum 10 years in supervised release, as well as pay restitution to the victim’s family.

The judge also ordered Davis not to own a gun and not have any contact with Davis’s children.

In the weeks after the botched abortion, Davis’s mother, Angela Davis, said she was worried for her daughter.

She had a “good heart” and had a lot of faith in God, she told reporters after the trial.

But Davis was “not a person who could make up stories” about her own life and told reporters that she wanted to have a normal pregnancy.

“I’m going to take this one step at a time,” she said.

“I want to be with my daughter.”

In the past, Davis has said she had no regrets about the abortion.

“It was my decision.

I didn’t want it to happen.

It was my choice.

I just had to make a choice,” she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in October 2015.

Davis has denied ever knowing her cousin was pregnant.

But Davis, now 30, has not taken responsibility for the crime.

She has repeatedly said that she had “no idea” her cousin had been pregnant when her body was taken into state custody and that she only knew that Terrence had died after the procedure.

The prosecution called this argument “preposterous.”

Davis told the AJC in December that her mother was never able to have children of her own, despite the fact that she and her husband had been married for 13 years.

“We weren’t able to go to the other side of things,” she says.

“There were no other options.”

The AJC reported that the state of Georgia has released no evidence that Davis knew Terrence was pregnant at the time of his death.

The AJCP reported that Davis has not filed a civil lawsuit against the state or the police department for the incident.

Davis’s attorney, Brian Miller, told the Associated Press that Davis is not a danger to the community.

He added that he believes that Davis would not have made false statements to authorities had she known the truth about her daughter’s death.

“She’s not a person that would lie,” Miller told the AP.

“This is a situation where she made a mistake.”

In a statement to the AP, Georgia’s Attorney General says that it is still reviewing Davis’s conviction.

The AJC obtained a copy of the statement from Miller, who says Davis “had no recollection” of the alleged pregnancy.

The Georgia Department of Corrections did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Associated Press has contacted Davis’s attorney for comment on the matter.


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