Floyd Mayweather: ‘I can’t believe I’ve done what I’ve been able to do’

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Floyd Mayweather says he has to get back on track with his boxing career after being forced to drop out of the fight with WBC champion Amir Khan.

The 32-year-old Mayweather suffered a career-ending neck injury in the first round of the June 12 fight with Khan, who also had a broken jaw.

The former world boxing champion will undergo surgery in Los Angeles on Monday to repair the fracture.

He said: “I can honestly say it’s the toughest fight I’ve ever done.

I’ve always been a very physical person and that’s what I can’t help but do.””

It’s a very tough fight to fight, I can not say that I don’t have to put in some hard work.”

But I think at the end of the day I’m here because I can do it.

“I’m back on the right track, I’m back in the gym and I’m in the right place.”

What we know so far about Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Amir Khan: Why did Mayweather have to retire? 

Why are Mayweather’s doctors calling for him to return to boxing? 

How does Mayweather’s injury compare to other professional boxers? 

What has changed since Mayweather suffered the injury? 

Can Mayweather, who is currently fighting for the vacant WBA title, recover?

What happens next for Mayweather? 

Is Amir Khan the next great big name?


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