What’s it like to run a world record?

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Nate Diaz is the first American MMA fighter to run the mile in history.

It’s not exactly the fastest time ever, but he’s on track to break his own record and set the new world record for the distance.

Diaz broke his own world record on Sunday, but according to his coach, he’s set to break the record by running 1:45:51.

That’s a bit slower than Diaz expected.

He’s currently leading the world in the 100 meters.

He has now run the 1:47:04 mark in the 200 meters.

That means he’s now in a position to break another world record in the event of a collision.

Dietrich Mateschitz told reporters on Sunday that he didn’t expect Diaz to run that fast.

He was just in a training session with the team that has trained for him.

But the record is now a bit of a shock.

According to Guinness World Records, the fastest human running distance is 2:28:08.

Diaz’s world record was 2:26:16.

So Diaz’s record would have to be 2:27:56, but the world record is 2-2-2.

It doesn’t seem likely that he would be able to beat that.

So what’s up with that?

Diaz said he didn�t think it was possible to break that record in one session, but after practice he did see some signs that it was achievable.

Doses of water, and a little bit of ice, worked wonders.

It took a little longer than expected.

Diaz ran the 200-meter race in the warm up and then just the 100-meter course in the race, but it was a smooth run.

The timing on the 100 meter race, though, was a bit off, as it was in the early afternoon.

Diaz said the water and ice helped, and that it wasn�t too much of a problem for him in the heat.

He said he just thought he ran the race very fast.

He didn�T think he was going to run it in the afternoon, but his coach thought it was worth it.

Mateschititz said Diaz ran well at the end of practice, but had a few mishaps.

He got the water out of his mouth, but didn�ts realize it at the time.

He ran into the fence and then had to be pulled out of the way.

He also ran into a pole, which led to a broken nose.

He had a couple of other mishaps, but none that were big enough to stop him. Diaz didn�te realize he had broken the record until he got to the stadium.

He had his jersey taken off and then ran around to the back and saw his teammates.

He told the media afterward that it felt good to have broken the world mark.


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