Trump: ‘I am not afraid of the NRA’

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Donald Trump on Thursday said that the National Rifle Association is not afraid to fight for its right to protect its members’ Second Amendment rights, despite the NRA’s efforts to fight against the Second Amendment.

Speaking at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Trump said that despite the recent shootings of police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, the NRA is not scared of taking on the NRA or gun rights.

“The NRA is a very powerful group and I am very proud of the fact that I am not scared.

I am proud of their success.

We have to fight the NRA,” Trump said.”

I am very concerned about the Second.

I’m a great believer in the Second amendment, and I think it is very important that we defend our Second Amendment right.”

Trump’s remarks come just days after NRA leaders announced that they were boycotting the Republican National Convention in support of the Second Amendments rights of NRA members.

“If I could take it back to our founding fathers, and the words ‘the people have a right to keep and bear arms’, I would, because they were right,” Trump told the NRA in a speech.

“We should be very proud that we have a country with a lot of gun owners.

We shouldn’t be proud that they are in our country and we’re in their country.

We should be proud of them, not scared,” Trump added.

In response, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) announced it would not be attending the Republican Convention in Cleveland, and that it would instead focus its efforts on organizing events around gun control.

“As we move forward with our efforts to address gun violence, it is essential that the NRA stay on the frontlines of the conversation to fight back against the gun lobby and keep America safe,” NRA spokeswoman Julie Tarallo said in a statement.

“It is important to remember that gun rights and Second Amendment freedoms are not mutually exclusive.”

Earlier this month, the White House issued a press release that said the NRA was committed to “putting pressure on Congress and the Trump administration to enact strong background checks on firearms and gun sellers”.

Trump, who has long pushed for stricter gun control, has previously argued that “no-one should be able to buy a gun in America without background checks” and has suggested that the United States should institute a registry of gun sales.

Trump has also been vocal in his support of gun control measures in the US, as well as in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.”NRA President Wayne LaPierre and his wife, Shannon, have long been an ardent advocate for the Second, and it is time for the NRA to do the same,” said a spokesperson for the group.


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