Australia’s capitol record archive is available online

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A new archive of Australian state records has been created by Google, allowing people to search through the records of state and territory governments across Australia.

The new data comes from the Australian Government, which owns the vast majority of the country’s record collection.

“This data is made available under Creative Commons,” the Google spokesperson said.

“So you can search through them by the state you live in, by the name of your state, by a certain location or by the date you live there.”

The archive of state records is now available to Google users around the world, including the US, Canada, and Australia.

Google has created the online portal so people can access and share their state and territorial government records.

“The Australian Government collects and manages records that include information from all levels of government,” the spokesperson said, “including the Commonwealth Government, the Australian Taxation Office, the Commonwealth Electoral Commission, the Federal Government, and the State Government.”

“If you want to get ahold of your own state or territory records, you can now access them from Google, and search for any information on a specific topic.”

The new information also includes state election and legislative records, as well as government bodies that were dissolved or amalgamated over time, like the Australian Postal Service.

Google will also be releasing more state and local government information in the coming weeks.