Dallas County records fastest marathon world record

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Dallas, Texas (AP) — Dallas County ran a blistering 1:25:00.54 in a marathon world championship marathon on Thursday, the fastest race ever completed in the world by a county that includes the city of Dallas.

The marathon was held in a city known for its high crime rates, high unemployment and long lines.

The record time of 1:26:57.70 was set by a 1:21:07.69 in the 2002 London Marathon.

It was also the fastest ever run in the race.

It marked the second fastest race by a city with a population of more than 15 million.

“I’ve been running my whole life and I never saw anything like this,” said Joe Clements, who has been running since he was a child and has finished in the top five in each of his first three marathons.

“It’s pretty crazy.

This is the kind of place I grew up in.”

Dallas County runs its marathon through the county’s parks, public buildings and county parks, which have a population in excess of 100,000.

The county is home to Dallas City Hall and the Dallas Museum of Art.

The world record was set on the course of the 10th annual Dallas Marathon on the same day that the world’s first marathon was won by an American by a mile and a half.

The man, Aaron Kuznik of Texas, ran 1:32:37.21 for his third world record.

The U.S. record was 1:29:37 set by an 8-year-old boy in 2015 in a Boston Marathon.

A marathon in Dallas is typically held once a year.

It is the county that is hosting this year’s race.

A race director said the weather was perfect and that people could still run the race and have fun.

“We’re all very excited,” said Mike Dominguez, the race director for Dallas.

“The weather was pretty nice.

It’s a long race.

There was plenty of traffic.

It should be a great event.

The race organizers have made sure that there’s no problem getting people out of the way.

We’re going to make sure that everyone’s safe and that everyone feels comfortable.”

Dallas has been a hotbed of running in recent years.

In 2017, a marathon was run on the campus of the University of North Texas.

In 2014, it was the first race to be held at a major U.N. meeting.


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