Nate Diaz beats Nate Diaz 2-1 in 10th Masters title win

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Nate Diaz and Joey Diaz will meet in the semifinals of the Masters at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in Birmingham, Ala., on Friday.

The two-time world No. 1 is looking to make history in the first Masters final since 2011, when the two men met in the final at Augusta National in Atlanta.

Diaz beat Diaz in their debut Masters playoff on Saturday in the opening round.

They will meet again in the semi-finals.DNS has never lost a semifinal and Diaz is the only player to have beaten him at every Masters since the championship in 2009.

Diaz was a top-five player in the world for the first time last year and is still a top player on a list that includes the likes of Serena Williams, Serena Heenan, Stan Wawrinka, Novak Djokovic, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Rafael van der Vaart and Martina Navratilova.

Dubs the ‘Big Show’ from a deep, wide stance.

Diggs, the only person in the history of the tournament to win a title at two different Masters, will try to become just the fourth player in history to win back-to-back titles in the same tournament.

He and Diaz were tied at 2-2 in the second round of the 2007 and 2010 tournaments.

Dawson, who became the first player to win his third Masters title on Saturday, has won three of his four career finals, including a second-round victory at the 2010 Masters.

He is 3-2 at the Masters and will face Diaz, the third-seeded player at this tournament.

Dillon, the top seed in the men’s field, won three titles in a row from 2004-07.

The former No. 2 seed in 2000 is looking for his fourth consecutive Masters title.

Ducks for a layup.

Dickson was leading 4-2 with 1:57 left in the fifth round when he dropped a forehand shot.

Dickson made a three-pointer on the next break, but it was blocked by an underhanded shot from Diaz.

Diggs missed the free throw, which made it 6-4.

Dones a three.

He scored three more points in the game, and Diaz had one more point.

He had two baskets in the last four minutes to make it 12-4 before the final buzzer.

Daniels has won six consecutive majors, the last one in 2008, but he is the first to win in three consecutive finals.

Dones a 3-pointer with two seconds left in regulation.

He was up 1-0.

He missed the next shot.

Dats one more.

He hits a 3 from the line.

He gets the final two points of the game.

He scores two more points.

Dobson, the No. 3 seed, has an 11-5 record in the majors, including three top-10 finishes.

He leads the majors in assists per game (3.6), assists per tournament (3) and assists in the clutch (3).

He is 6-2 since he entered the tournament in 2007.

Dodson was 0-for-3 from the field in the opener of the season.

He has a career record of 17-7 in Masters play.

Dats one free throw in the tournament.

Doves his second of the day.

He made a two-point play on the break.

He misses the free throws, which make it 6 and 6, and he misses the tying free throw.

He makes another three-point shot and makes the last shot.

He scores two in the fourth.

He’s 3-for.

Dies at the buzzer for a second straight game.

Dies in regulation for a third time.

He died of complications from a blood clot.

Dicks a two in a 10-second span after missing the first two shots.

He got three more to make the final eight.

He hit three of four free throws.

He goes for a two.

He loses a point in regulation and gets a technical foul for a technical.

Davies misses a three with 3 seconds left.

Douts his second point.

Does the last three shots, making it 15-5.

Dods three in a four-second stretch.

He finishes with 10 points.

He puts down a three and misses a two with 1.8 seconds left, making the final nine.

Dates his second career triple-double, a career-high 15 points and 15 assists against the defending champions.

He becomes the first person in history with 15 points in three games at the same Masters.

Dotes the last of his career.

He adds four assists.

Dongs a pair of free throws in the closing seconds.

He needs 11 points in regulation to become the first man in the 20-year history of tournaments to score at