How to get your criminal record checked for accuracy

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Police departments around the country are testing for accuracy in records maintained by private companies that provide the records.

Many of those companies, including Cadillac Records Inc., Inc., are now under scrutiny by the Justice Department and the FBI.

The Department of Justice is investigating the companies over allegations that they were misleading and falsifying records in order to boost the number of convictions for certain crimes.

The Justice Department is also probing whether the companies improperly obtained the criminal record of people who died in police custody.

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) A look at some of the other companies that are also under scrutiny, as well as how they handle criminal records: Cadillac records The company says it checks for accuracy every year and in most cases will send information to police departments.

It says it works with police departments to verify that information and that it is required to verify all information provided by its customers, including in order for it to certify the accuracy of information provided to police.


Daniel A. Smith, the department’s chief spokesman, said the department does not review or comment on information provided from private companies.

Cadillac, which is based in Chicago, has been at the center of controversy for months.

Cadillac has faced criticism from several law enforcement organizations over how it handles its customers’ records.

Earlier this year, a federal judge in Chicago ruled that Cadillac should pay more than $1 million in civil penalties to the city of Chicago for failing to protect its customers against wrongful convictions.

It said that in many cases, people who committed crimes were wrongly convicted and were therefore not protected from being sent to prison.

It also said the company’s business practices violated state and federal law.

The company said it had agreed to pay more money in the settlement, but that it did not agree to release any of the information.

The settlement included an agreement that it would not disclose the names of customers who had been wrongly convicted, according to court documents.

In December, the company said in a statement that it had received a letter from the federal government in which it had acknowledged it had provided inaccurate information.

It added that it “continues to work with the police departments in each jurisdiction to ensure accurate records are maintained and corrected.”

Cadillac also said it has not been involved in any criminal investigations involving the company.

But in April, the FBI said it was investigating Cadillac because of complaints it was “deliberately misleading about the accuracy” of information it supplied to police agencies.

Federal officials said in their report that Cadillas customers were often falsely convicted, and that the company failed to provide accurate information to them.

In its statement, Cadillac said that “the companies’ compliance program requires that the accuracy and completeness of records be verified and corrected prior to submission to police.”

The company added that Cadilac had agreed in its settlement with the FBI that it will no longer use the names or other information of customers in any investigation.

The FBI said in its report that it has asked the Justice Ministry in the United Kingdom to review Cadillac’s compliance program and “to take any necessary steps” to prevent the company from using their customers’ names and other information.

Cadilas chief executive, Richard P. Seddon, declined to comment.

Cadinas website says its “one of the most trusted companies in the industry.”

But its website states that “we do not sell criminal records to the public, and do not knowingly share information about customers.”

It said the information it provides to police “is not intended to be used in court or in a criminal proceeding, and we have never provided information to a court in any jurisdiction.”

Cadillascore records A website for CadillacRecords, Inc. that advertises the company as a “central source of quality, reliable criminal records” says it “provides comprehensive information on all criminal matters, and all court cases.”

The website also lists a number of services for businesses, including an information service and a law enforcement information center.

The website says that it was created in 2010 to help people “make an informed decision about where to pursue their criminal records and to obtain the best possible criminal record.” says it helps companies “get access to the most accurate, complete and complete criminal record information and services, which we believe is vital to help you secure the right to your freedom and privacy.”

The site says that its service is “100% legal.”

But in a recent interview with The Associated Press, founder, Robert B. Gresham, said that he has not had any complaints from customers.

He said he is not in touch with any police departments or the FBI regarding the website., which has since been taken down, said it is “a registered trademark of Cadillac Record Inc.”

The firm said in an email that it does not comment on litigation. Cadlac


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