All that jazz about a home run record? The truth about a song’s record number

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By John O’Hara The last time a ballplayer scored a record number in a major-league game, it was for the first time in American history, on October 19, 1931.

It was a milestone that could not be topped in baseball history: one player had set a new major-leaguer record.

The previous record was held by Joe DiMaggio for his 3,066th career home run in 1927, when he hit his fourth one at home in a game against the Boston Red Sox.

In that game, DiMagio was a 21-year-old who was just entering the final year of his first pro contract.

But he would not be the last baseball player to achieve that feat.

The next season, on August 1, 1928, a young, talented shortstop named Hank Aaron would score his first home run and lead the Oakland Athletics to a pennant and a World Series championship.

That was also the year that the Boston Braves swept the American League East title.

But the milestone that DiMagnos day was not even his first in baseball.

In 1927, he would score a record five home runs, the highest single-season total in American League history.

In 1929, he hit eight home runs.

In 1930, he had 13.

In 1931, he finished with a career-high 27 home runs in just 31 games.

But for DiMaggeros achievement, he was not the only one.

On October 19 that year, Babe Ruth’s hit a home runs record with a grand slam against the New York Yankees in the top of the fourth inning, a feat that would set the modern-day record for a home hit in a regular-season game.

That hit, however, was the first by a player not named Babe Ruth, and it is the only record of that era that has been broken by another player.

The record was broken in the fifth inning by a man named Frank Robinson, who hit a three-run home run off Hank Aaron.

Robinson had already broken the record for home runs that season by hitting six, and he was just one home run short of the other player, Yogi Berra, who had scored 27 homers in 1931.

But Berra had only played one year in the majors at that time.

On November 4, 1931, the year before Robinson had hit his third home run, he also broke Babe Ruths record.

Babe Ruth hit a record six home runs for the Cincinnati Reds that season, the most in the American Association at the time.

Robinson’s homer was not just a record-breaking hit for the Reds.

It is one of the first times in Major League Baseball history that two players have scored three home runs and have a combined hit for two.

In fact, it is also one of only two such home runs ever scored by a single player, and Robinson had to retire to score his three home run.

That feat was also surpassed by a rookie catcher named Harry “Red” Johnson, who also scored three homers and was the next in line to break Babe Ruthís record.

But in the first inning, it would take a few more home runs to break the Babe Ruth home run mark.

But Babe Ruth was not done.

After hitting a two-run single to give the Reds a 2-0 lead in the second inning, Ruth would go on to hit another two home runs over the next four games, to get the Reds back into the game.

The Reds would finish the regular season with a record of 78-64, the best record in baseball, and they would go to the World Series, which they lost to the New Orleans Saints in six games.

The team that won the pennant that season would go onto win the World Championship.

It would be the only major-party presidential election that year in which the election was held on a Sunday.

Babe and Red Robinson, both of whom had played for the same team, had a good relationship, and the two had been teammates at the University of Cincinnati, where they played the same position.

Babe’s best seasons were his rookie years.

In his first season in Cincinnati, Robinson was named MVP of the American Athletic Conference, and in 1931 he was the team’s first-ever All-American.

In 1932, Robinson would hit his first professional homer in the season opener, a three run single off John W. McCarver in Cincinnati’s opener against the Baltimore Orioles.

Robinson was a two time All-Star, batting a record 13th time out in 1933, when the Reds went on to win the National League pennant.

Babe was also a two times All-America.

In 1933, Robinson hit his only major league home run of the season, a four run shot off W.B. Morse, who would go back to play for the Atlanta Braves in 1934.

But even after hitting the home run on his debut in 1934,


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