Google free screen recorder app offers a free camera feature for iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus

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Google has added a free screen recording feature to the new iPhone 5 and 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, which are available to purchase in Apple’s App Store.

The new feature, which is a direct replacement of the built-in recording feature, can record videos and photos of your device’s display and is currently only available to iPhone 5 owners and iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 owners.

The new feature is a feature that Apple previously released on the Apple Watch and the Watch Sport as well, but it appears that this is the first time that a feature like this has been made available for both the iPhone and the Apple TV.

The feature is available for iOS 8, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X, and can be activated with the toggle button on the home screen.

Users can select their screen from the Home screen, which has a large photo gallery, and then set the camera’s focus to a specific area, including the home, pocket, or the camera viewfinder.

Once set, the camera will capture an image, then record the video with an audio preview.

The camera will automatically switch focus to the location you specify when you turn the camera on.

The camera features in this new version include an optical zoom mode that is useful for taking a wide angle view, a macro mode that allows you to focus on the subject, and an auto focus mode that automatically focuses on the spot on your screen when you tap the shutter button.

The feature can also be used to record video of a specific location, but this can only be used in portrait mode.

The Apple Watch also supports the new feature on the screen of the new Apple TV, and users can record a video of the screen in the app with the same settings.

The iPhone 5 also has an opt-in camera option that can be used for video recording, and the feature can be turned on in Settings.