When it rains, it pours on the TV – Irish TV guide

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IRISH TV is now streaming a new documentary called Counties in the Rain, in which it examines the challenges of recording and keeping records in Ireland’s most deprived areas.

The programme has been produced by the Irish Film Centre in partnership with the Irish Television and Broadcasting Commission (ITBC) and will air on Irish television and the BBC iPlayer in the coming weeks.

The film, which will air in Ireland from Monday, February 6, explores how local government is using cameras and recorders to record and preserve the history of the community.

The documentary has been made with the support of the ITBC and the Cork Film Society.

It tells the story of the Cork County Council, the first ever recorded county recorder in the United Kingdom, who set up in 1790.

It was established to record records of the local population and to protect the historic towns and villages of the region.

Counties in Rain is an examination of how records can be maintained in communities where there is no internet, a lack of access to information on local history, and where many people are illiterate.

“We know that when we start recording in a community we can’t record it,” said Irish Television director of production Dan Murphy.

“But we know that if we start it, we can record it, so we wanted to make sure we went through all of the stages to get it right.”

The programme also explores how to record on a TV set and the challenges that arise when recording on a television set.

“It’s an incredibly important project,” said ITBC chief executive Martin Fitzgerald.

“The ITBC has a great reputation for doing good documentary projects, and Counties In Rain is part of our work to highlight the benefits of digital video and audio, to make it easier for people to engage with the history and heritage of their communities, and to provide a platform for the preservation of the Irish past.”

“Counties In the Rain is a reminder that recording can be a really exciting way of exploring our history and that we are all part of the same story,” said co-director, Dr John Kelly.

“We need to keep recording to help us understand our own history and the world around us, and that means keeping records, making films and making recordings.”

CountiesInTheRain will be screened at the Cork Festival of Music and Arts, from February 6 to February 14.


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