‘I can’t believe I’m doing it’: Deadlift World Record holder dies after collapsing in bar

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Deadlift legend Rick Rastafari has died after collapsing during a barbell deadlift at a World Record attempt.

Rastabari, who competed in the event every year from 1999 to 2012, died on Friday, his publicist, Laura Rast, said.

He was 71.

Rasts legacy in the sport has been marred by injuries and drug use.

In 2017, he was pulled from competition in a bar that had been set too high.

The event was held in a squat rack and the bar was set at 12kg.

Rasta’s bar was about 16kg.

He took part in the annual competition and his team was told to drop their weights by 5kg after failing to meet their target weight.

He failed to reach the target weight and was pulled off the bar in the process.

Rasaan Rastagirisz, a trainer for the Rastawars, said the deadlift was not about a bar.

“The weight was set and the target was not achieved.

It was about setting the bar on a platform and moving the bar with the bodyweight,” Rastas’ son, Michael Rastaparsz, told the BBC.

Rassaan Rasta had a close relationship with the World Record.

“He has done more for the sport than any athlete in the history of the sport,” his son said.

His father died in March 2017 after collapsing at his home in the small town of Rassarabia, just south of Dublin.

“It was just a moment of frustration,” he said.

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