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Here’s a look at the most epic albums of all time:1.

The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band2.

The Doors: The Doors3.

Led Zeppelin: The White Album4.

Alice Cooper: Living in the Now5.

Bob Dylan: Born to Run6.

The Rolling Stones: Nevermind7.

The Grateful Dead: Cryptical Envelopment(aka.

Dead & Company: The Complete Recordings)8.

The Stones: Greatest Hits9.

The Velvet Underground: The Velvet Album10.

The Who: All Things Must Pass(aka: Live at Leeds)11.

The Eagles: Animals of War12.

The Black Keys: Uptown Funk13.

The Cure: All Songs Considered14.

The Smiths: The Smith Sings15.

Pink Floyd: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn16.

The Sex Pistols: The Black Album17.

The Pixies: The Pixy Stix18.

Nirvana: Never Mind the Buzzcocks19.

Alice In Chains: All That Remains20.

The Cars: The Car Show21.

Guns N’ Roses: The Line22.

Bob Marley: Born Free23.

Queen: The Essential Albums24.

The Jackson 5: Queen’s Greatest Hits25.

Led Zep: The Jackson Sessions26.

Ledisiks: The Legacy of the King27.

Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath The Complete Albums28.

The Strokes: All Hail The King29.

Ledo: Zelo: The Song That Changed the World30.

The Beach Boys: The Beach Sessions31.

The Clash: The Clash II32.

Ledonia: Ledonia of the Sun33.

The 1975: The 197534.

David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust in Space35.

The Replacements: The Replaces 36.

Bob Seger: Segerdashery37.

The B-52s: Live and Loud38.

The Stooges: Seagulls 39.

The Killers: The Killans 40.

The Spiders From Mars: The Spiderweb41.

The Police: The Police II42.

The Pretenders: The Pretender III43.

The Supremes: The Supers44.

The Ramones: Ramones 45.

The Zombies: The Zombies II46.

The Animals: Animals III47.

Elvis Presley: Elvis Presleys Greatest Hits48.

Guns ‘N Roses: Guns N Roses Greatest Hits49.

Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run50.

The Band: Born in the USA51.

Pink: Pink & Echoes52.

Guns & Roses: Greatest Songs of All-Time53.

The White Stripes: White Striped Blues54.

Nirvana &amp.

Slash: Nirvana & Amp.

Slash Greatest Hits55.

Nirvana and Metallica: Never Give Up 56.

The Breeders: All In The Family57.

The Notorious B.I.G.: B. I.G. Greatest Hits58.

Queen &amp.; Queen: Queen Greatest Hits59.

Ledoz: The Life & Work of Ledoz60.

The Fall: The Fall of the Coolidge Era61.

Bob McMonagle: The Man with the New York Smile62.

The Smashing Pumpkins: Smashing Pumps Greatest Hits63.

Ledzo: The Rise & Shine of Ledzo 64.

Pearl Jam: Pearl Jam Greatest Hits65.

Alice in Chains: Alice in Blue66.

Bob Moses: The Legend of Bob Moses and His Band of the Misfits67.

The Roots: The Roots Greatest Hits68.

Led Ugly: Led U.gly Greatest Hits69.

The Byrds: The Byrd Sisters Greatest Hits70.

The Offspring: The Offsprings Greatest Hits71.

The Raconteurs: The Rascals Greatest Hits72.

The Dead: The Dead Greatest Hits73.

The Yardbirds: The Yardbird Greatest Hits74.

Alice Deejay: Alice DeeJay’s Greatest Songs 75.

The Jesus Lizard: The Jesus Lizards Greatest Hits76.

Alice Glass: Alice Glass Greatest Hits77.

The Moody Blues: The Moodys Greatest Hits78.

Ledene: Ledene Greatest Hits79.

The Allman Brothers Band: Allman Brother Band Greatest Hits80.

The Weather Report: Weather Report Greatest Hits81.

The Proclaimers: Proclaiming the Truth82.

Elvis Costello &amp,.

Johnny Cash: Elvis Costellos Greatest Hits83.

The Kinks: Kinks Greatest Hits84.

The Mamas &the Papas: The Mama’s Greatest Hoes85.

The Cramps: The Crampettes Greatest Hits86.

The Shins: The Shiners Greatest Hits87.

The Pogues: The Pogs Greatest Hues88.

The Fiery Furnaces: The Furies Greatest Hits89.

Bob Ezrin: Bob