The US state of Idaho’s top cop charged with embezzlement

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Idaho’s highest state police officer has been charged with stealing more than $500,000 in state property, including $150,000 from the department’s records database.

State officials announced Monday that Idaho’s Chief Deputy State Prosecutor, Mike Eaves, has been arrested in connection with the scheme.

Eaves has been with the department for 17 years, according to the Idaho State Police.

He was charged with theft, grand theft and receiving stolen property.

Idaho’s chief justice has said Eaves’ conduct has endangered the department and the state.

Eave was previously the state’s police chief.

The Idaho State Attorney’s Office said in a statement that the investigation began after it received a tip that Eaves may have taken more than the amount of property he was charged for.

It said the investigation found evidence that Eades had engaged in a scheme to defraud the department.

The investigation included the theft of over $50,000, state and federal authorities said in their joint statement.

Eades is expected to appear in court on June 12.

The FBI, the IRS and Idaho State Highway Patrol were also involved in the investigation.

Idaho State Patrol spokeswoman Rebecca Williams said Monday that Eves’ charges stem from a theft investigation that began in late June.

She said there were multiple thefts and the investigation involved a wide variety of law enforcement agencies.


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