Sunshine Coast has the highest number of records sold for sale in the country

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Melbourne, Australia – A record number of Sunshine Coast records are being sold for more than $200,000 in Sydney and Adelaide, the Sunshine Coast Record Book says.

The Sunshine Coast recorded a record sale of 621 records in the past week, the biggest number of sales since April.

In Sydney and Melbourne, the most recent records sold were for a combined $192,400.

That means the Sunshine coast has now sold more than 2,000 records since January, when records for sale on the Sunshine recorded their first record sales.

A total of 1,000 new records were sold in Sydney, with the largest selling being a $40,000 sale by the Royal Adelaide Museum.

Meanwhile, the Melbourne market has seen the largest number of record sales in the Sunshine in a month.

New South Wales recorded 1,500 records sold, with a total of $70,000 being sold.

More than 1,200 records have been sold in Queensland, with Brisbane the second biggest seller with $52,000.

Elsewhere, the sale of new records is in full swing in Tasmania, with Perth the second largest seller with a record of $46,500.

Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne also recorded record sales of new music, with Sydney recording the biggest amount of new releases.

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