How the Dallas Cowboys record will impact the NFL draft

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The Dallas Cowboys have set their sights on another big-name star to land a starting role, but it could be a very big one.

In his first two seasons, Dak Prescott has played a huge role in the Cowboys’ success, and now he is going to have to show off that prowess in 2017, or the team may have to move on.

Prescott has emerged as one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks with a big arm and a deep arm, but he is also very inconsistent, and it’s not clear if he will be able to repeat his 2017 form in 2017.

The Cowboys have a number of talented quarterbacks available this offseason, but the biggest name in the group is DeShone Kizer.

If Kizer is able to improve his accuracy, accuracy and mobility in the pocket, the Cowboys could have a real threat to win the AFC South.

Kizer also had an up-and-down rookie season, but if he can maintain his improvement in 2016 and get more comfortable with the playbook, he could be the most impactful rookie quarterback to come out of the Cowboys in a long time.

With a quarterback with Kizer’s skill set, the team could have one of their best offensive lines in the league, and that could be good for the Cowboys.

The team also needs to add a receiver and some defensive help, but a lot of the pieces are there to make a playoff run this year.

Dak Prescott is going be a big part of the 2017 NFL draft, and with that in mind, the Dallas franchise should make the most of his talent and be the first team to pick him first overall.


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