What’s the worst death in a record-breaking year for the Bergen Record?

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The Bergen record is still the oldest living record, but its obituarial entries are in a league of their own, often with more than one person who died.

That means you have to look at them separately.

But the Berges have a history that dates back over two centuries, and some of their entries are still relevant to our time.

The oldest was written by an employee at a shipyard who was dying of cancer in 1853.

It was the first of a series of obituary entries for the shipyard that would form the basis for many obituaria in the decades to come.

“It’s the earliest recorded example of a cancer death that has been published in an Australian obituarium,” says Dr James Kelly, a senior lecturer in medical anthropology at Curtin University.

“I’ve got a pretty good list of people who died in the Berge, so I think we’ve got something really valuable to offer in terms of information about the past.”

The oldest surviving death on the Bergs obituuary is of a woman in her 60s, who was shot in the head by a man in her 70s in 1876.

She was buried with a coffin made of logs from a shipbuilding yard.

The death occurred on the first day of the Berged’s anniversary, and the death was later recorded in a book that became known as the Bergeria: A History of the World’s First Recorded Obituaries.

The Berge also had an entry for a man who died of cancer after suffering a stroke.

He was buried in 1894 and his body was cremated a few years later.

“That’s the only example that I’ve got,” Dr Kelly says.

“Others are just plain old, like a woman buried in an old casket in the 1880s, or a woman who died at the age of 90.” “

The first Berge obituarie to be published was written in the 1870s by an anonymous woman who was still living. “

Others are just plain old, like a woman buried in an old casket in the 1880s, or a woman who died at the age of 90.”

The first Berge obituarie to be published was written in the 1870s by an anonymous woman who was still living.

“She died at her home in St Helens,” Dr Alberts says.

She wrote that her death was a shock to her and she would be buried at a cemetery near St Andrews, but it was not until the late 1950s that the Berga published a full set of her obituarian entries.

“There’s a lot of stuff about her life, and about her health, and her life as a widow, and that kind of stuff,” he says.

And it is rare that someone dies in Bergen at the end of their life.

But for the people who are buried there, that is a different story.

“When you look at the information we have, it’s all very well and good,” Dr Anderley says.

But it’s not just the information that is interesting, he says, it is the manner in which it is presented.

The most common type of death in the Merseyside cemetery is suicide, he explains.

“The suicide death has to do with the person who takes their own life,” Dr Ankerley says, adding that the exact cause of death is unknown.

There are no published reports of a suicide in the United Kingdom, but there have been cases of suffocation.

In fact, the first suicide in England, which occurred in 1842, involved a woman.

But Dr Ankersley says it is very rare to see an elderly person with a suicide.

“Most of the deaths are suicides in the middle of their lives,” he explains, pointing to the fact that a woman aged 83 who died aged 77 in 2014 had been in her 50s for many years.

“So she’s a good example of an elderly death that’s been recorded by the Bergens.”

The most recent death was recorded in 2011, and was the result of an attempted suicide.

The man who tried to take his own life was a woman from the South West, aged 76.

“They were both quite well known people in the community, so we’re not sure whether it was a suicide or not,” Dr Martin says.

The reason why people die, and not simply the cause of their death, is one of the things Dr Martin thinks is still debated in the field.

“You see some people talking about suicide as being a cause of all the disease, and others think it’s a more subtle form of the disease,” he said.

What do you do with your own body? “

And if we do have a cause, it doesn’t seem to be as complex as that.”

What do you do with your own body?

The most famous person to die in Berge was a man called David Lloyd George, who died on the grounds of a house in Berghaus, south


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