Deadlift Record Set: 5th Man Record for 1st Bench Press

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By Ryan R. Anderson – December 12, 2017By Ryan R in SportsWritten by Ryan RAnderson – December 13, 2017There is a new record holder for the most deadlift bench press attempts in a single workout.

According to the Deadlift Science website, 5 men have racked up the record for the largest amount of deadlift attempts.

One of the 5 was Eric Johnson, a former NCAA Division I basketball player, who set a new collegiate record in the process with a total of 1,634.8 pounds in the 2016-2017 season.

That number includes 5 bench presses from the side with the left foot and 5 from the back with the right foot.

The next most-used squat and deadlift exercises by 5 men is squatting with the back against the wall, and the next most used deadlift exercise is the single leg push press.