How to buy a RTE-produced track in a shop, with an RTE producer

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How to listen to RTE songs online with an independent RTE composer.

Article posted June 10, 2018 08:56:00Troy, the RTE production studio in Dublin, is the only one in Ireland that can make RTE recordings on its own premises.

Its sole studio in Ireland is now up for sale, after a record label, Radio Éireann, said it needed a large number of recordings for the company’s annual Christmas show, which takes place every Christmas.

The studio’s current owner, RTE Ireland, has agreed to let the company lease its property for three years and then sell the building, which is worth €1.7 million.

There are about 150 recordings made by RTE every year in the studio, which houses its sound engineers, engineers, mixers, and mastering engineers.

The company has recorded over 200 RTE tracks in the past decade, according to records kept by the Recording Industry Licensing Organisation.RTE’s record label has made the sale and said it will make recordings for future productions for its customers.

However, the studio is not currently open to the public.

“The deal with RTE means we are free to go ahead with our plans,” said the company in a statement.

“It will allow us to continue to produce RTE for our customers in the future, including the upcoming Christmas show.”

The studio was first occupied by ROTC, the Royal Ulster Constabulary, in 2014, and was eventually leased out to RFI Ireland in 2015.

It was used by the Irish Radio Arts Foundation for their “Radio Free Ireland” campaign.

In addition to ROTCs recording and mixers’ equipment, RFI has also used the studio for their RTE broadcasts.”RTE Ireland has been able to operate independently from ROTc and to create a unique relationship with the RFI for years,” said RTE chairman Eamonn Ó Ríordáin.

“This arrangement is a great step for RTE, for RFI and for the Irish public.

We look forward to the new lease of the studio in a few months, with a new set of RTE artists being recorded, produced and presented to audiences.”

However, ROTce’s director of corporate affairs, Mark Fitzgerald, said RFI would have to provide a guarantee of access to the studio to be able to continue recording RTE.

“It is not possible to guarantee access to RWT for RITA or RTE,” he said.

“They both have to do the same thing: make sure RWT is open and accessible to the general public.”

However the studio owner, the Dublin-based company that has operated the building for over 25 years, has not responded to questions from the Irish Independent about the possibility of future recordings.

A spokesperson for RWT said the organisation had no comment.


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