Bitcoin miner’s mining hardware ‘may have a flaw’

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Greenfield, Connecticut-based Greenfield Mining has announced that its ASIC mining equipment may have a weakness that could lead to a catastrophic failure of the device.

According to the company, the flaw could allow an attacker to take control of the unit’s firmware, or remotely manipulate the device, and even reboot it.

“In the event that this device does fail, the user should immediately take immediate action to protect themselves against this threat,” Greenfield wrote on its website.

“We are working to understand this vulnerability and we have communicated to the manufacturer that we are in the process of developing a patch to address this vulnerability.”

According to Greenfield’s press release, the company believes that the bug could allow the attacker to exploit a flaw in the Greenfield ASICs firmware, which could allow a malicious software program to install and run code on the device without user permission.

“Greenfield has not found any evidence that the Greenfields ASIC device has been compromised or is vulnerable to malware, as this is an open-source device,” Greenfields CEO Michael Sussman wrote in the press release.

“The company is working closely with the manufacturer to develop a patch, which will include new safeguards to protect users and prevent malicious software from tampering with the GreenField ASIC hardware.”

The company did not provide any further details on how the vulnerability would be exploited.

The Greenfields company also provided a link to an advisory detailing how to mitigate the vulnerability.

Greenfield said that its miners are “designed to provide the fastest, most secure and most efficient hashrate”.

The company’s software will be updated to include the patch, as well as a software update which will automatically patch the device after 24 hours.

Greenfields’ mining equipment has been used in other mining applications including the cryptocurrency mining community.