Dillon Danis Record: Record of Dillon Danes first-ever marathon race

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Dillon Danus, the first-time marathoner from Connecticut, is the first runner to complete the marathon without having a medical condition or having a heart attack, according to a record he set on Friday.

Danis finished the 10.2-mile (16.7-km) course in 12 hours and 53 minutes.

“Dillon Danis, the last one to run a marathon, has broken his own record,” Danis’ campaign manager, Dave Schmitt, told The Associated Press.

Danus has been running for the past year.

Danis has run the Boston, Chicago, New York and Boston-Newark marathons. “

So this is a good example of someone with a heart condition or a chronic condition and he overcame that and he is running for everyone who needs to run and it’s going to be a big day for the world.”

Danis has run the Boston, Chicago, New York and Boston-Newark marathons.

He has also been running in Chicago, Boston and New York, as well as the Los Angeles Marathon and Boston Marathon.

The Associated Images reported that Danis ran the marathon in a marathon jacket.

Danes had a history of heart problems.

He suffered a heart valve condition in his late teens and had to have two surgeries in 2012.

He returned to the race in 2015, finishing in 2:02:02.

Danisss running has been praised by former Olympic champion Mark Cavendish, who said Danis was “one of the best athletes I’ve ever seen” during the Boston marathon.

Danisson was a longtime coach for Cavendish.

Danisds father, George Danis Jr., who has been a coach and trainer for the Boston University men’s soccer team, has said Daniss is a natural.

Danies running has also earned praise from former world marathon champion Usain Bolt.

Danislos father, John Danis Sr., was a professional soccer player in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Danis family also owns the Boston Bruins.


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