‘Chef of the Week’: Chef James Beard is back!

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Restaurant Review’s ‘Chefs of the Year’ Awards are being announced at a ceremony in New York City on Thursday.

The awards will be announced on January 29 at the prestigious Tisch restaurant.

“Chef James Beard, the internationally acclaimed chef of restaurants from New York to Dubai and now New Orleans, has emerged as the ‘Chester of the Decades’,” The Times reported.

“The chef has won six ‘Best Chef’ and three ‘Best New Chef’ awards.”

The awards, which are also known as the “Best New Restaurant”, were given out last year and have now been handed out twice in 2017.

“It’s amazing to see James Beard’s recognition and recognition of all of the amazing chefs that have worked in restaurants across the country,” a spokesperson for Tisch told The Times.

“James is a legend and we are excited to be part of his amazing legacy.”

“James Beard’s life is one of extraordinary achievement, and the recognition from the Tisch Foundation and the New Orleans-based Beard Institute is an honour for all of us,” the spokesperson added.

“This year, we are honoring the very best of the best, from all over the world, and we’re honored to be invited to be a part of the festivities.”