When will we see the first game of the 2015 NFL season?

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The NFL has not announced the first date of its game next year.

But there’s one week left before the start of the regular season and we have a few dates in mind.1.

Friday, September 18, the Thursday before the Super Bowl, as announced by the NFL.2.

Saturday, September 19, the second week of the season, as revealed by the league.3.

Monday, September 20, the third week of season, and the Super 16 game.4.

Wednesday, September 22, the last week of regular season, which is the final week before the end of the NFL’s 15-game regular season.5.

Thursday, September 23, the final day of regular and postseason games.6.

Thursday night, September 24, the day after the Super 24 game.

The NFL has already released a list of the first games on that day.

The Chargers play at the Cleveland Browns at 4:30 p.m.

ET on Friday.

The Rams play at Seattle at 5:30 pm ET on Saturday.

The Titans play at Houston at 7:00 pm ET, and Washington at 8:00pm ET.

If the game happens on the first two weeks of the year, that’s four weeks, not three, since the NFL doesn’t announce a date for the first-ever regular season opener until mid-December.

The last time the NFL announced a date was back in September when the Titans and Redskins played on the same day.