Why we should care about the new marriage records law

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A couple who had their marriage annulled by a judge after they divorced in the state of Arizona in 2013 was able to get their marriage record restored through a court order.

The Arizona Supreme Court on Thursday granted a petition by the Arizona Department of Revenue to issue the marriage records for the couple, which had been ordered to be destroyed by the state.

The department said it was not allowed to destroy the records, and a hearing was scheduled for May 19.

The records were supposed to be preserved in a secure database to be kept only by a state or federal judge, but a federal judge in March ordered the state to destroy them.

In March, a federal appeals court overturned the order, saying it was in violation of the National Archives Act, which requires preservation of records of the American public.

The marriage records were originally supposed to remain in the archives, but the department said the records were transferred to the Arizona State Archives after the court ruled in March that they should be destroyed.

The department did not specify the transfer date.

The state had been trying to find a replacement for the records.

In December, it said it had obtained permission from the U.S. Copyright Office to seek permission from a U.N. agency to transfer the records to another agency.