Why Dustin Poirier is ‘The Record Holder for the Most Boxscore Hits in Boxing’

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The record holder for most boxscore hits in boxing, Dustin “The Great” Poiriers record for most wins in the first round of any bout, has been eclipsed by a new record holder, the record holder of the most boxScore hits in a fight, which is the first time in history that the champion has done both.

While most of the world’s boxing fans probably saw the world-class action of Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his second fight with Manny Pacquiao on Saturday night as an absolute spectacle, a lot of boxing fans didn’t even notice the boxScore totals for both fighters until it was too late.

It is an incredible feat, and the only time in boxing history that a fighter has been able to win two of three rounds and then come back to win the second round and the third round at the same time.

But that record is not going to be broken anytime soon.

On Friday, the Associated Press reported that Mayweather Jr.’s record had surpassed the boxscore record of two rounds of two strikes for Pacquia’s first victory, a win over Marcos Maidana.

The AP also reported that Pacquias record for the most total boxscore strikes came in the second fight of his fight against Amir Khan, a bout that also went down in the fourth round.

This past Saturday, Poiriest recorded his fourth win in as many fights, a knockout of former champion Manny Pacoquia in the sixth round, a decision victory over Timothy Bradley in the seventh round and a victory over Amir Khan in the eighth round, all in the third.

Pacquia is coming off of his first loss of the year and his fourth loss of seven fights in a row, the longest losing streak in boxing.

He has never fought again since the second and third rounds of his last fight with Mayweather in February.

The boxing world was not prepared for what transpired in the ninth round of their bout.

It was a knockout.

The first two rounds were not great, but there were two knockdowns.

There were two punches.

It looked like Pacquian had stopped Pacoqian, but then Khan came in and stopped him with a right hand, and then Pacqui came in with a left hook to the face, and it looked like it was over.

The fight was dead.

I said, ‘You have to win this fight.’

I didn’t think it was going to end in that way.

But I thought it was definitely going to get done.

And in the 11th round, Pacquiales hand to face right hand hit the jaw of Khan, and Khan took it and landed a right on the chin.

I just didn’t know what was going on.

The next round I think Pacquino got his hand out, and that was it.

He was just stunned and floored, and he didn’t have anything left.

It just didn.

And Pacquion had two more strikes, two more punches.

And he lost, 12-0, in the 12th round.

It’s a big loss for him, and for the sport.

It’s a pretty big one.

But it’s a good loss.

He came out and did what he wanted to do.

And I just think he deserves to get the credit.

It felt like a knockout, it felt like he got hit.

He hit a big right, but I was surprised, too. I didn