Which of the above documents is actually from a court in Iowa?

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The document is labeled as an Iowa court document and says it was filed in November of 2013 and that it was sent to the Iowa Supreme Court in Iowa.

However, according to court records and court records obtained by the Inquisitr, the document actually appears to be from a different court in Minnesota, a state that is located a bit further north in the state than Iowa.

This document, called a motion to dismiss, states that the plaintiffs in the case filed a motion for summary judgment on the ground that the court lacked jurisdiction over the Iowa case because the Iowa court was not in the State of Minnesota.

The motion was denied, and the case was transferred to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The Iowa case was filed by a man named Richard Johnson, who claims that he has been charged with a crime in the Iowa town of Linn, Iowa, and that he was falsely arrested and detained by police and is being held in jail in a Minnesota prison.

Johnson was arrested for driving with a suspended license in the town of Iowa City, Iowa.

The court heard evidence that he had been drinking alcohol and using drugs, and he was arrested and arrested again for DUI, but he was acquitted of the charges.

He is currently in jail awaiting trial in Minnesota.

In an interview with the Inquisirer, Johnson’s attorney, William Johnson, told the publication that he did not know that the document was from a Minnesota court, as his client had not filed a complaint with that court in connection with his case.

The affidavit that he obtained from the Minnesota court stated that Johnson had been arrested in Iowa City and detained for two days by a state police officer.

The affidavit also stated that the state police were in contact with the court, and asked the court to review the evidence that Johnson presented, including videos of the arrest, police reports, and other documents.

The court did not review the documents, but it did order Johnson to be held without bond and ordered that he be ordered to submit to drug testing.

Johnson is currently serving a two-year sentence for driving under the influence of alcohol and was granted bail and released in January of 2018.

Johnson told the Inquisist that he will appeal the court’s decision to the United States Supreme Court, as he has never been able to prove that he is innocent.