How to keep your children healthy while watching the jornals: ‘We are not there yet’

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The jornalti is a documentary about the Jornal Records label and the lives of people in its orbit.

It explores how people can listen to music, create their own projects and get creative without the pressures of the industry.

In the film, it explores how Jornalis’ record label works in a way that’s similar to the way people in the music industry might organise their lives, without being in the limelight.

This is why we love the film.

Jornali, a small label from Portugal, is owned by the Portuguese music industry.

Jörnal is a brand in the same sense, as it’s a brand that exists outside of the mainstream.

It’s a record label with the intention of taking advantage of the global market.

So when we were looking for the people behind the Jörns, we went to the people themselves.

When we first met them, they told us they had only two employees, and they have just started in December 2018.

It is a huge team.

They are constantly on the lookout for talent.

The Jornals have already produced some great talent.

So they know how to make records and we know how they make records.

We are not in a position to work with them for a long time.

It takes time to grow a label.

There are no guarantees.

So the Jorns have to work for themselves.

The first person to work in a Jornala office was a Brazilian, Cristian.

Cristian and his partner, Eduardo, started the label after Cristian’s parents were killed in a car accident.

The family was a poor family, so they were forced to leave their home in Lisbon.

They had no money.

Cristan says: “They had no choice.

They could have been killed, or they could have died in a police car.”

They have a strong sense of humour.

Cristiano’s father is the head of the local Jornalisto, the local association.

Cristiani says: The Jorns are an interesting place because they are like an experiment.

They can be a little bit scary, but there are also some good people.

So there are people that are very passionate and really good at what they do.

The second person is Jorge, a musician who has been involved in music since he was four years old.

Jorge says: It is like working in the industry, and in the last few years I’ve learnt a lot.

I am also learning how to be more independent.

Jorge, who is also a musician, says: When I was in the studio, I was learning to make songs and write lyrics.

I was also learning to learn how to record music.

It was like a bit of a dream come true for me.

So now I work with my father in the Jorneda, which is a record studio in the city.

I work there 24 hours a day.

We record in my parents’ house, and then we do a few other things in my house, like cleaning, cooking and cleaning and cooking, before we come back to my house.

It feels really good.

Cristiana, who has two young daughters, says she’s a musician too.

Cristina says: I love to play the guitar and I also like to write music.

I don’t really have a particular skill.

Cristiado is also an independent musician.

He also plays guitar and sings.

He says: In a way, I am the opposite of Cristiano.

I’m very creative and I like to think of my music as something other than music.

Cristiola says: As a mother, I feel like I am working with my child in a different way.

I feel that I am not doing my job as a mother.

I have to keep them entertained.

Cristija says: Cristiana’s favourite part of the job is to do the mixing.

It seems like I have two children, and I don´t have time to do all the mixing, so I like doing my own mix.

I also love to be involved in the creative process, because I like seeing the progress of the songs.

Cristilia says: My favourite part is to be in the mixing room.

I like getting involved in making the mixes.

Cristiane, who started working in 2007, is an illustrator and painter who also loves to paint.

She says: For me, I think the best part of being in a music studio is to work on the songs, which I have already done for myself.

Cristia says: Music is my life.

My favourite song is the one called ‘Passion’ by Daft Punk.

It has a beautiful melody, and is a little dark, but it’s really catchy.

I think Daft is one of the best producers in the world.

It makes me feel happy to work here.

Cristilea says: There are lots of great people working in music.

We always hear from the record labels about the music,