How to Get Fired From Your Job for Being a Terrible Human Being

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The latest example of a company firing people for bad work ethic and/or bad attitudes.

 In August, the Associated Press reported that the company behind the popular podcast The Nerdist fired the co-hosts and executive producers of the show for the company’s “insulting, offensive and derogatory remarks.”

 The episode, “The Nerdist” aired last year, was described by the producers as “the longest-running podcast in the history of podcasting” and was widely praised for its humor and commentary.

 But the episode also raised eyebrows because it was aired while the company was being sued by former employees who claimed the company discriminated against them because of their race.

The Nerdeys co-creator and co-executive producer Mike Tyson, who is African American, was fired in May for the show’s “offensive and derogatory comments” to a black employee.

This was the second time Tyson had been fired from his podcast for his “insults, racist, and derogatory” comments.

“The Nerds” co-producer Dan Harmon, who was white, was also fired in October for the same reasons.

But the second round of firings came as the company also sued a former employee who alleged he was harassed by the Nerdist’s producer and that his harassment was retaliation for his criticism of the Nerds for “insisting that he would not be harassed.”

The former employee, who has been identified only as “Josiah” and is an African American man, sued the Nerdeyys in November for “harassment, retaliation, and unlawful termination.”

“As the Nerdys employees were subjected to continuous, repeated and unwelcome harassment and discrimination, the company had a duty to take action to ensure that Mr. Josiah’s continued employment,” the suit said.

Harmon and Tyson were both fired in February after the former employee complained about the company and its co-creators.

In a statement, Nerdeya’s parent company, Viacom, said: “We are saddened by the actions of Mike Tyson and Dan Harmon in their termination of Mike and Dan.

Their actions were unacceptable and we have been in contact with the individuals involved.

Viacom has been committed to ensuring that the Nerdy family feels safe and supported.”

Meanwhile, a group of Black women who work in the music industry filed a class action lawsuit against the Nerdcasts, saying that they were fired for the “insensitive, offensive, and discriminatory” content of the podcast and that they had been “targeted by other employers” for being Black and for making “diverse, challenging, and thought-provoking content.”

In response, Vulture reported that “the Nerds’ record label, Universal Music Group, issued a statement to Billboard that the label “will not comment on pending litigation.

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