How to Make an Obituary that Actually Works for You

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How to make an obituary?

For decades, the answer was pretty simple: make it a simple, unoriginal story about your life, with your name attached to it, and then include your date of birth.

But as people have learned to take things more seriously, they have begun to realize that a little more creativity is a good thing.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


Think of Your Place and Place of Birth as Your Place of Home.

When you read an obituary, you typically think about the place and the time in which it was written.

This can be a good idea.

However, when you think about your place of birth and your home, you’re probably thinking about the same things.

What is your home town like?

What is the name of your home?

What are the things you enjoy about it?

What other people have mentioned?

If you are planning a funeral, you’ll likely want to include all of this information, too.


Choose a Topic.

I think it’s helpful to pick a topic that is unique to you, something that has nothing to do with your career or interests.

For example, if you are a journalist, you might want to focus on your career and your profession.

If you live in a city, consider how your hometown and surrounding areas are doing.

Or if you live far away, consider your life outside of your hometown.


Make Your Place Beautiful.

The most important thing about an obits is that it’s about you.

It’s important to tell the story about how you came to write it.

Make sure you take care of your place.

It should be clean and neat, it should have a picture of your house, and it should be well-lit.


Make It Look Personal.

Even if it’s written about you and your life and career, you should be able to tell how you feel about the subject.

That should be a personal thing, and not just a newsworthy headline.

It doesn’t have to be newsworthy.


Make a Story About Your Life and Work.

If you want your obit to be as personal as possible, it’s important that you give yourself a name, your job, and a place of employment.

This makes it easier to remember who you are, and to remember how you got to write about yourself.


Include Your Birthdate.

It’s possible to write an obito that will be about you as a young person and your career as an adult.

However, it can be much harder to write a obit that will tell the whole story of your life.

There are two ways to do this.

The first is to include your birthdate, which is often a place on your birth certificate.

Your birthdate can be written as your birthday, a day after you were born, or a date that has been mentioned in the obit.

For example, the obito you will be reading now might have a section on your birthday.

To be specific, the birthdate in the first paragraph of the obituuary could be written: I am 19 years old.

Birthday: October 27, 1949.


Include Some Personal Details.

Finally, you can write about your home and your hometown, but this time you can include your name, a telephone number, and an address.

If this is your first obit, make sure you write this at the beginning.


Include a Photo of Your Home.

You may want to leave a note about your hometown for your obituarists.

You can even include a picture that shows you in your house.

If the obitus you’re reading is a funeral service, you could include your obits home address, and even a photo of your coffin.


Choose Your Topic.

You want to give yourself time to think about how to write the obits, so you might find it useful to choose a topic, such as your profession, that interests you.

For instance, you may choose to write your obIT about a person who has a passion for travel or about a celebrity who loves to travel.

If your topic is something related to your hobbies, make it personal.

For more information on topics that interest you, including the right type of obit and an appropriate date, read the book The Life of an Obituarist by John E. Thompson.