How a man accused of raping a woman in 2003 ended up in prison

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A man accused by a jury of raping and sexually assaulting a woman who worked as a waitress in 2003 has been released from prison.

Alexandria Johnson, a former waitress at a fast-food restaurant in suburban Maryland, was arrested in 2004 after authorities said he sexually assaulted her at a restaurant in Alexandria.

Johnson, who is black, pleaded not guilty to all charges, including second-degree rape, sexual penetration by a foreign object and second-class possession of a controlled substance.

Johnson was released in May and has since moved back to his native Georgia.

In a statement released by the Baltimore Sun, the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office said Johnson “was released from custody in order to pursue other opportunities in his life and will continue to serve his community and his community’s community in this state and beyond.”

The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Smith contributed to this report.